Located in the Weald of Kent in southern England, acoustics engineer Dr. Andrew Watson specialises in loudspeaker design and acoustics for the audio and related industries.

Andrew’s background is in acoustics research, working in varied fields such as outdoor sound propagation, musical acoustics, domestic noise annoyance, acoustic scale modelling, loudspeaker subjective/objective relationships, signal processing and the acoustics of porous materials. This has involved spells in the acoustics groups of the University of Surrey, the Open University and the University of Hull, working with some of the leading figures in UK acoustics research. The main part of Andrew's career, however, has been in the loudspeaker industry where he has over 20 years experience, including 17 years at KEF, where he was involved in a wide range of technical and support activities and contributed to the design of over 25 products.

A list of Andrew’s publications includes papers in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Applied Acoustics and Acustica; conference presentations at the Institute of Acoustics and the Audio Engineering Society; and he was co-author with Ken Kessler of the book ‘KEF: 50 years of Innovation in Sound’.